How I monetized my favourite platform.

When working as a freelancer, we are often in a win-win situation. We are partially our own boss and have the ability to work from wherever we want. However, it can be hard to build up that work ethic to really sit down and hash out our work.

This is the predicament that I feel into during December. Where I could not push myself hard enough to work to the standards that both my client and I have set for myself. I found that the majority of the work that I was doing was not something that I was greatly passionate about. This is when I realised that I should find a way to monetize something that I enjoy doing using the skills that I had.

Luckily for me, my main skill (web development) was an "in-demand" skill which a lot of people need as the world moves to a more digitalised state. I also, love to watch Youtube and have always wanted to help the Youtubers that I watch propel their careers even further as they have provided me with entertainment, knowledge and laughs. Hence, I decided that I needed to switch my approach with the companies that I help and do something that I can understand and get behind.

Then it struck me; if I wanted to make my current clients happy while also enjoying the work that I do, I must pivot in some way. I started to reach out to some of my favourite YouTubers, and although it was hard to get responses at first, I soon understood that it was a numbers game. Like everything in marketing, the more people that I get myself in front of, I have a greater chance of getting a response.

Soon enough, I got a few responses and secured some new clients in a niche that I felt passionate about. The main reason I wanted to write an article about this is becasue sometimes as a freelancer it can be hard to realise when it is time to change and do something that you like to do.

A few of my top tips for this are:

  1. Do something that you feel passionately about. This can be anything from fitness to interior decorating.
  2. Find an easy means of contacting the top "players" in your prefered niche.
  3. Realise that it is a numbers game. The more people you reach, the higher chance of a response and the higher the chance of securing a deal.
  4. Do not just falsely advertise yourself. Make sure that you can deliver what you promise to your clients.
  5. Learn or develop a skill that can be monetised in several different ways such that you can maximise your results.
  6. Enjoy it.


Since 2018, Rohan has been working with both start-ups and well-established firms to help them build a spectacular website that is not only eye-catching but also informative. The main style that I have adopted is minimalist. After working in the corporate, 9 to 5 world, I found that it just wasn’t really suited for me and I would much rather work on my own accord near clients to help them deliver on their website dreams that not only attract customers but also give an exquisite brand image.