How Webflow Helps Designers and Their Clients Edit Content Easier

Nine times out of ten website clients will want the ability to edit their website content, however, don't know how. Business clients like better control on their websites so they can edit weekly, even daily changes and prefer to have their in-house marketing team do so. Webflow is one of the simplest website builders in 2022 to learn. Below are three reasons why Webflow makes it easier for you and your clients to edit content.

  1. Editing content is easy

Webflow makes it easier than other website-building platforms to learn. Webflow allows users to design with a blank slate while also making it possible for your client to edit content faster through drag and drop design tools without any coding required. Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas.

  1. You won’t have to make small edits

Web clients are known to ask their website designers to make the most incremental changes after their website is complete. It can be time-consuming for both parties and not worth it for website designers. Luckily for webflow, its system writes clean and semantic standards-compliant code so that both parties can leverage the use of a CMS API, meaning no coding is required and editing your website can be done easily.

  1. Your clients will feel empowered

Web clients feel empowered when they have direct control over their website content edits like weekly blogs, new product launches, banner changes, and other business-related updates. Webflow’s easy navigation of their content management system makes it possible to skip the designer's expert suggestions to make minor edits on their own.

When your clients can edit their content, they control minor edits such as change in footer colors, font size, typefaces, images, and more. These small changes will add up over time and cost more over time, meaning the simplicity and easy learning curve of Webflow can potentially save thousands of dollars.

Make sure your clients are happy

When a client has the opportunity to edit their own content, there is a chance they will make errors, it is imminent that they will call for help. Some clients will expect you to help them for free when they get stuck, so it is essential to include this specific situation in your contract.

If you are a webflow designer and, or web client, considering a webflow membership can be beneficial. Memberships can be a good option for clients to have their website designer work on a monthly basis for edits and updates like building a complex website with animation. While they will also have the opportunity to make minor changes, and also learn a new easy content management system until they are ready to take on full ownership of the website using Webflow.

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