Is no-code just a buzzword?

So what is no-code and so many people are skeptical?

No-code is the art of creating solutions (native apps, websites, web apps), which could have been written with code but instead using visual methods (without coding). Most no-code tools use a visual drag-and-drop interface. In addition, a lot of them have pre-built templates that you can customize. There is also a slight difference between "low-code" and "no-code." With "low-code," you can do many things with a drag-and-drop interface; however, some coding is required for a finished product. So you ANYWAY need some background in coding. Low-code is typically great for people with intermediate technical skills. No code is a new way of building products, very different products. It's not magic.

What can be built with no-code?

Mobile apps, web apps, websites, workflow and automation, marketing tools, payment systems, and the list goes on. Basically, "typical" products & MVPs benefit the most from no code. So the founder can build something in weeks, really fast. For example, WeLoveNoCode connects founders with the best no-code developers to create their software and apps without a single line of code in like ten days. You can do all of these on a monthly subscription plan.

  1. No code has proven its place already and it has A LOT of the advantages:
  • will save you money
  • you can build and test your ideas quickly
  • anyone can use it > Designers, product managers, marketing managers now can make their ideas tangible products.

Just like a new thing, tools have to be learned, and they all have their learning curves. However, it will take you much less time and resources to learn how to use no-code tools. Unlike low-code tools, no-code tools have a limit to how much you can customize them. So if you want to change every aspect of your product or build very complex products, no-code tools may bring some limitations. However, there's so much innovation and growth with these tools, so I expect fewer barriers in a few months.

I should add that there's no limitation with scalability. No-code tools have the capacity for server increase to allow as many users as possible without breaking. These tools are also very secure.

So is No-code just a buzzword?
🔥 No, it's not. It is, in fact, the future of software development. Many people just get it wrong.