New Webflow feature

Webflow Pitch

Webflow came out with it's new Q2 updates and my favourite feature that they added was the Webflow pitch.

How we built Webflow Pitch | Webflow Blog

What is Webflow Pitch?

Webflow pitch is a new, Webflow built, a system that auto generates a pitch deck for you to send to your potential clients showcasing the benefits of using Webflow

Pro's of the Webflow Pitch

  • High quality content ready to go and relevant content too.
  • Providing value to the clients before anything has been signed so you are already building rapport.
  • Engaging with new leads and showcasing to them why you should be trusted.
  • Fully customised so the entire website can be made to spec and sent to clients.
  • Adding another feature into your use-deck to aid in expanding your business