Webflow 101 for beginners in 2022

Building websites with limited coding experience can be a particularly challenging task. Oftentimes the most daunting prospect for beginners is having to learn how to code in order to build the perfect website, whether it be for a business, personal portfolio, or sales. Webflow is excellent for beginners because not only is it coding free, but it provides a clear and interactive tutorial once you sign up to help you learn your way around. Not to mention, webflow has multiple plans to best suit your needs, and the starter plan is completely free! Below is outlined why webflow is the best web design tool for beginners and specific features that are especially useful.

Containers and Elements:

Containers and Elements are features of webflow which allow you to arrange and organise components of your website. These range from adding columns to drop down menus and typography. Containers segregate your website into meaningful segments so you can make the most of the space provided.

Sleek Style Adjustments:

The style panel located on the right hand side of the screen whilst using Webflow allows for ease of access whilst creating your website. Webflow also allows highly customisable design options, such as button sizes which can be changed by single points for more accuracy.


Classes are a way of justifying elements. You can edit elements such as buttons and save it as a class which can be used at any point in the web design process. Avoiding manually changing styles of each element allows for quicker development of your website and makes it less likely for mistakes to occur, meaning your website will have a more uniform and professional look.

Breakpoints and Responsive Styles:

This feature allows you to view the way your website looks on any device, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Style changes which are made on a desktop automatically apply to smaller screen sizes. Any changes made cascade either up or down from the default desktop breakpoint; changes on tablet breakpoints cascade down to the mobile breakpoint but do not impact the desktop style. This feature means you can easily identify issues with your design choice to make your website work on any device it is viewed on!

Webflow University:

Another feature of webflow which makes it so beginner friendly is the “Webflow University” tab; a bank of tutorials to work through, teaching you to master the art of web design. Ranging from beginner to advanced, these courses cater to people of all skill levels to help everyone become the best web designer they can be.

To conclude, there are unlimited webflow design options due to the close attention to detail provided through features such as the design panel and use of containers. This beginner friendly tool is quick to learn and does not require a background in coding. It’s extremely versatile and is used for a variety of purposes.

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