Webflow: The "best" no-code builder?

If you’re wondering what Webflow is, what it’s used for, or what you can build with it, then read on for a quick overview of Webflow that will answer these questions and more. Webflow is a design-oriented web builder which, over the years, has expanded and evolved to become arguably the most versatile and streamlined web building tool there is.

Webflow can be used to build a huge variety of websites, from blogs, to e-shops, to portfolios, to corporate business sites, to pretty much any kind of website you can imagine. While other web builders tend to focus on particular types of site (e.g. Wordpress is primarily for blogging, while Shopy is primarily for e-commerce), Webflow is very well equipped to do it all. Given how customizable everything is in Webflow, it’s even good for if you want to create some new, previously unseen, revolutionary, unique, high-risk type of website. Go on, try it. If you don’t, someone else will beat you to it.

The first thing you need to know about Webflow is its Designer, which is the interface via which you build your website in the first place. The big selling point here is that the Designer can be used purely visually, without needing to edit (or even look at) code. You simply drag and drop elements in and tweak them using a set-up not unlike that of Photoshop. And while you’re doing all that, Webflow automatically writes the code as you go along. The code is there if you want to fine tune it, but you can build a complex, perfectly credible website without going anywhere near it.

While most CMSs (content management systems) make compromises in an effort to bridge the gap between website builders and content creators, but pretty much always end up pleasing no one, Webflow’s CMS performs miracles. Again, everything is very visual, and this means that everyone can use it and understand what’s going on. Content creators might not understand web technology, and web developers might not understand great copywriting and brand strategy, but everyone has eyes. Visual language is one that everyone can understand and communicate in. Webflow CMS is both super customizable and super accessible, which is just… super.

Since 2018, Webflow has also been able to do e-commerce, and it does it very credibly too. It might not have quite as many payment, shipping, and delivery options as an e-commerce powerhouse like Shopify, but it’s impressive nonetheless. And, as with everything in Webflow, your website’s shopping experience is extremely customizable, and can very easily be integrated into the rest of the site.

You can also create animations and interactions using Webflow’s built-in tools. This is great news for designers. There’s no need to create interactions elsewhere then import them and hope they work how they’re supposed to. You build them in Webflow (using characteristically powerful-yet-easy-to-use tools) and so, of course, they work perfectly in Webflow. No experience as an animator required.

Webflow is also a hosting platform, and a good one too. There’s not a huge amount to say about this, other than that Webflow sites are always very fast and stable, and that it’s just very convenient to be able to do everything using the same platform. You don’t have to use Webflow hosting if you don’t want to though. Unlike with some other website builders, everything you create in Webflow is fully exportable.

Finally, Webflow will also do your SEO for you. That is to say, it optimizes SEO automatically without you even having to tell it to but then, on top of that, offers seamless integration of a whole bunch of SEO tools that help to make your website extremely visible. Webflow can’t make you coffee, give you a foot massage, or wash your dishes for you, but for all that there’s the Taskmaster 9000 office robot, which is a fantastic product but doesn’t actually exist. Miraculous though some of its features are, we can assure you that Webflow really does exist, and is well worth a look.

From: https://www.flowout.co/blogs/webflow-can-do-almost-everything-for-your-website