Webflow vs Wordpress

In early 2021, I created my first Webflow site (have set up many Wordpress sites in the past) and have to say I was super impressed!

Here is where I think Webflow wins over Wordpress.

  • Intuitive dashboard and editing tools. I always find Wordpress clunky and difficult to navigate. You often have to install plugins and then jump between them to get everything how you need. Webflow is a dream to use in comparison, everything feels in the right place.
  • Convention over configuration. You spend an age configuring Wordpress (themes, plugins, settings), whereas in Webflow there is generally one way to do any given task, with a simple UI menu for doing it.
  • Built for design. There is buckets of functionality around design, including a feature set around creating animations. This makes it possible to create great looking designs with very little coding knowledge.
  • Simple click and create CMS. You can create custom structures for your data, all in the dashboard, no coding required. This then links seamlessly to your UI components. Coming from a developer background where you often spend hours coding your data schema, this was a very pleasant surprise!

For me, this all results in the ability to create great looking content websites in days or even hours, whereas it takes a week of messing around in WP to get everything just right.

Here is where I think Wordpress wins

  • Huge ecosystem built over the years. Plugins and apps for everything. Hundreds of forums and sites to learn and get help. 99.9% of business website requirements have been solved with WP (SEO, ecommerce etc etc). Webflow by comparison is still a baby, where you get the 20% of features that solve 80% of requirements, but will struggle to find more.

Going forward, Webflow will probably become my go-to option for simple content sites, unless there is some unusual requirement that hasn’t been implemented yet, in which case I will fall back to Wordpress (or something else).

Adapted from: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/webflow-vs-wordpress-dcf10497bc