Frequently asked questions

Will you do my design for me?


Yes, weI primarily work off of Figma and use it to build a prototype which we will then replicate

Which platforms can you use?


We arefluent in WordPress, Shopify & Webflow. However, we always recommend clients to use WebFlow

What is your methodology and how do you use post-launch data?


In regards to the methodology that we follow, we first send a initial client form to get a written understanding of what you may want from my services. Using key words to see what words are searched most and then we produce some prototypes using Figma. Using the Figma file we are able to transfer that onto a final website that will be displayed for your future customers.

Data also plays a huge role, understanding how users are interacting with the site and amending it from there is essential to constantly advance the site and in turn your business.

Do you offer any other services?


Webflow Development - Working with Webflow for quite some time now, I have been able to hone in on my skills and develop the capabilities to build advanced websites.

Website Consulting - Most companies and individuals already have a website, showcasIng potential issues from stakeholders points of view, providing the ability to improve their site.

Website Maintenance - Running a site is hard work and so having a professional update the site as needed is always a great choice.

“Dashboard” Process - “Time is money”, having an interface in which clients can see exactly where I am at in the design process and a list of things to get done, resources needed and a timeline saves everyone a headache.

Usability > Aesthetics - Having a beautiful website is great, but having a website that improves upon your current standing is even better.

How long does it take?


As a highly experienced Webflow developer, being able to make a site from scratch in 2 to 4 weeks depending on the intricacy of it. However, for other platforms such as Shopify or WordPress, 4 to 6 weeks is needed.

What can I expect from the first call?


Having a first call is crucial as it allows us to understand what you want from our experiences. Also, it allows us to understand the scale of the project, the requirements of the project and any other specifics that may be needed. Although, we have written 15 minutes for the first call, we can always extend this out longer if needs be to help facilitate your project to the best of our abilities and make your website visions into reality.

Are all of your websites optimised for different devices?


Yes, all websites are throughly checked to make sure that they look how they are supposed to on all devices.

Do you offer any support?


we do, every week I will go through and check to make sure that the website* is working well. If issues arise, you will be the first to know.

*Free for the first 15 days then it will be between 1% to 5% of total contract value.

Are you incorporated?


Yes, we work as a subsidiary of Bright View international Hong Kong Ltd.