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Webflow for all

Learn Webflow like you have never seen it before, teaching you the in's and out's of how to build an agency and use Webflow doing it
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A designer or developer who is looking to take their career to the next level

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Understand how to use Webflow and No-Code products to create an MVP

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Have a solid grasp of Webflow

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Want to learn about how to use free tools to improve project mangement

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Build up your confidence to land high-ticket clients

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Wanting to connect 1-on-1 with someone who can answer your Webflow related questions

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Learn how to become a Webflow Expert

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How to provide a service that clients can't say "no" to

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Welcome, I am Rohan your coach!

I am a full-time Webflow Designer and Developer. I have been making websites since 2018, but found Webflow in late 2020 and have been passionate about it every since. In May 2021, I became Hong Kong's first Webflow Expert. 

Through trial and error, I managed to create a workflow that utilises several apps to create an experience for clients that is truly one of a kind. Alongside that, a library of amazing code that really gives websites the “wow” factor over and over again. Back when I started out in this niche, I was like a deer in headlights just hoping someone who could come and help me figure out some quick fixes, small issues best practices and expert tips. 

While the online resources for Webflow are limitless, I found myself going though a plethora of “best practice” (which were actually not that good!) and people trying to sell me their services rather than teach me and allow me to learn how to do it myself.

Hence, I wanted to start to offer a program that I wish I had. That is why the mentorship program was born. Boosting an environment where Webflow enthusiasts can come together and improve their knowledge of Webflow knowledge through a 7-week, learn together course, and at the end can come out feeling confident in their ability to build a rock-solid client project and secure high-ticket clients by showcasing themselves as an expert. 

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Mentorship Outline

The is a basic overview of what we’ll cover each week and how we’ve chosen to break down our learning flow.

Week 1
Kick-off Week 🏃
Setting up your foundation is essential in any project and this mentorship is no different. We do some basic introduction and learn about each others skills and places for improvement. Also, we walk through the agenda and exactly how the program will work for the 7-weeks.
Week 2
Management and Efficiency 🤓
Learning Webflow or learning everything that there is with Webflow? One of the key pillars in running a successful Webflow agency is to have a system that is set up for organisation and build an experience for clients that is truly seamless. This is what I have learnt over the past 3 years in the industry, clients like an easy ride!
Week 3
Winning over clients 💰
Working with money and shifting your mindset about how to charge clients the prices that you want to charge is essential for a sustainable agency. In this lesson we will be looking at proposals, how to price right and make sure that you are happy with what you are receiving.
Week 4
Hot takes in Webflow️ 🔥
Finally, a bit of Webflow!

In this part, we look into some of the best practices and how to make websites that truly POP. Done through application learning, you learn the basics and go off and make a killer one-page site on a topic of your choice.

Week 5
Improvement  1  🔨
After looking at what you made last week, we use a peer review where we split you up into pairs and allow each of you to analyse each others websites. The real time improvements that are most predominant throughout every site will be addressed in this weeks lesson.
Week 6
Improvement  2 🪛
The second iteration of improvements, we will go through the best ways to build up your sites and have a 1 hour section after class where everyone can ask any questions with Rohan to see what could be improved!
Week 7
Take it live  🚀
Well done, You have a killer Webflow site!

However, you're not quite done yet, shouldn't website have no hiccups?

We’ll walk through a tried and true Go Live Checklist that you can use with all your client sites prior to launch to ensure no hiccups after hitting publish.

new cohort

new cohort

A smoothie

A smoothie


What do past students say?

Real mentees who have upped their game with 1-on-1 mentorship and community through The Webflow Mentor Program.

Working with Rohan on my Figma skills has been a great help. Although I have always worked with Figma, I was able to adapt my skills to allow me to convert my skills into Webflow and expand my skills to encompass design and development.

Ethan edmunds
UX Designer

After taking the leap to expand my Webflow skills, I signed up for the 1-on-1 mentorship that Rohan offered and I have to say that it has been a great help. My weekly calls with him allow me to ask questions that help me hone on my no-code skills.

Jennifer duffy
Webflow Designer

Having Rohan help me with general questions, client requests and project mangement has been amazing. He always has a great idea to help me streamline my process.

Yash Trivedi
UX Designer & Webflow Designer
the right plan for you 😉

Offering the best of both worlds

1-on-1 mentorship

For individuals wanting to talk 1-on-1 with a Webflow Expert.
Us$ 450/mo
get started
  • It is your time, ask as many questions as you want
  • 1 hour online meeting per week
  • Pre-determined time
  • Communication with Rohan through Slack
  • Streamlining process methodology
  • Inbound lead generation

7 week mentorship

7 weeks of lectures to help bring your design and development skills to the next level using Webflow through a streamlined process.
  • 1 hour lectures for 7 weeks
  • 1-on-1 talks with Rohan to ask questions
  • Recordings of all lectures
  • Code, showcase items and animations all included to make your projects POP
  • Weekly homework
  • Business application resources
  • Client dashboard to help obtain jobs
Most Popular


For startups and enterprises with on-going design needs.
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Rapid communication
  • Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time
  • Dedicated task management dashboard
  • Native source file included
  • Unlimited team members

Design + Webflow

Ideal for those looking for design & front-end development.
  • All the Design plan features
  • Front-end development with Webflow or Wordpress
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time


More features, more requests, and expanded benefits to service higher demands.
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  • All features
  • Multiple tasks at a time
  • Expedited delivery
  • Real-time communication with Rohan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? feel
free to get in touch with us  here

How many people will be in one class?


There will be a maximum of 13 people per cohort to make sure that there is adequate attention given to each individual.

How often do you hold a cohort?


Each class has to be individual and provide the best value. With that being said, a target of 4 cohorts has been set so that is one cohort ever 3 months. This allows time for a break, take in feedback and improve every time.

What can I expect to learn?


You can expect to learn my top Webflow tips, how to streamline your client finding and building process using apps and how to build an amazing website using my lessons learnt in this field.

Will we need to make a website?


Fortunately or unfortunately for some, yes, you are going to be making a site using Webflow. This allows us to make sure that you are learning well. However, there is no rush build in your own time. This is why we recommend that you work while taking the lessons to see how things work in real time!

How does the program look?


Each week we will consist of three main components:

1. a 1-hour lecture, which is a content-focused session where we will walk through all of the material for that week.

2. Our lecture will immediately be followed by 30 minutes of optional open Q&A.

3. 1-on-1 meetings with Rohan to ask any specific questions, receive feedback and anything else. The time is yours!

Should I sign up even though I have a project to do?


That is up to you, but we always encourage people who have work to sign up as this is a great way to solve any issues that you may have with clients, design and development.

Can I ask questions during the 1-hour lecture? 


While you will be put on mute, you can drop your question into the chat and Rohan will come to it. This is just to make sure that everything works fluidly and so that not everyone is being held back for a little bit longer. If it is quite long, you should save it till after the lesson.

Payment plans?


Yes, for some special cases we offer payment plans. For that please reach out to Rohanhere

When are the lessons?


Often, the lessons are done during the evening, around 7PM Brussels time. However, if this does not work out for you. Feel free to watch the recordings and ask any questions during your 1-on-1 time!

What items will be shared during the program?


Exact lists may vary from cohort to cohort based on interest and need of the group, but an example list could be: client proposal, estimate worksheet, client competitive analysis, tech stack breakdown, go-live checklist, stakeholder interview script, code library and more!

Do I need to purchase any software for this program?


Nope, although Rohan will be using his own tech stack, this is purely optional.

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