Hong Kong’s only Webflow Expert: an insight into how to be a Webflow Expert.

Hong Kong’s only Webflow Expert: an insight on how to be a Webflow Expert. 

Webflow is a great tool to help companies and individuals become true players in their respective niches through a solid online presence and website. I stumbled across Webflow in early 2021 and it has been an amazing ride ever since. I became Hong Kong’s first Webflow expert in May 2021 and so far, I am the only one. Although Webflow has yet to pick up in Hong Kong, the ability to provide a quality service to all of those who are looking to expand their online brand persona is something that I hold great pride in.

So how do you become a Webflow expert, well, to apply to become a Webflow Expert, you’ll need at least three sites built in Webflow, plus a portfolio site that shows off your past work and experience. 

My personal experience in being a Webflow expert/partner has been amazing so far, helping companies such as Dignex, Noah SG, Avotech and many other multinational firms transition and amend their websites in Webflow is truly wonderful. 

But what are the steps to becoming a Webflow Expert, well here they are listed out.

  1. The only way to become a Webflow expert is to use the platform to its fullest and actually have a specific amount of clients websites made on it. For more info, see the table below:
  1. The first thing that I did was I got my certifications from the Webflow University. There are 3 exams on there that you should complete to help out your application.

The exams include:  Webflow Layouts certification, Level 1, Webflow Layouts certification, Level 2, Webflow CMS certification, Level 1

  1. After you feel comfortable with Webflow and have got your certifications, you must apply to the program with examples as your work and follow the rubric.

  1. If you have followed the Rubric and submitted an application, it is time to wait. In about a week or so you will hear something back from Webflow and they will inform you of their decision. If you do get selected then they will send you extra steps and if not, do not dishearten as it is quite a selective process.

  1. If selected they will send you a form to fill out and a few extra details that are for admin purposes and so that you can be listed on the professional partners page.

An overview: 

Step 1: Make sure that you are an avid Webflow user

Step 2: Get your certifications from the Webflow University

Step 3: Have your sites be cleaned up as per the rubric and submit your application Step 4: Finish off the final the steps and enjoy!