Who are Letswork?

Letswork supports the digital nomad by providing office and co-working spaces for a variety of entrepreneurs and creatives.

Based out of the UAE and founded in 2018 by Omar AlMheiri and Hamza Khan, Letswork have several locations around the aforementioned UAE, Bahrain, Portugal and expanding further across the European and Middle Eastern market.
Website design, Webflow development, UI/UX consulting
Start and Completion
02/2022 - 05/2022
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  • Monitor the way in which users were interacting with their website and build elements that would incentivise users to interact with them. 
  • Build a website that would work in conjunction with their mobile app 
  • A complete rehaul of key pages


With an already existing website made in Webflow, it was important to keep the name classes similar or the same to make sure everything worked together such that there were no odd parts across the website. 

Optimising for acquisition

Creating a solid framework to improve user acquisition and build an experience similar to their app, it was a challenge to build an experience that would not only improve user acquisition, but also to highlight key areas that would allow users to see what Letswork does and showcase their competitive edge.

Tailoring to international markets

By harnessing the power Weglot and other FinSweet plugins, we created an experience that would work for users in various nations. Creating a borderless website that would be multifunctional.

They were very professional with their work and felt like a part of the team. Their work speaks for itself and I was really pleased with the outcome of our project. They took their time to understand our company before starting the task which I thought showed a vested interest which is rare. Super fast and always open to discussions & collaborations."

Omar Al Mheiri

Optimised & Lighting Fast

Building from the backend, we created an expereince that was not only lighting fast but also made the website have top-of-the-class performance, accessibility and user experience.
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