Why you should be able to build on various platforms

I know that I say a lot about working with Webflow and why it is the best, but the truth is that there are other builders out there that my be more suitable for your clients.

Coding is the Backbone

When we know how to code, we are really setting ourselves apart. Bringing in the understanding of code, we can build more than what the platforms offer and really provide a service that clients will be overly satisfied with.


  • Best for blogging
  • Personally, WordPress is out-dated
  • Plenty of plugins to help with building
  • E-commerce functionality can be added, but not as good as WebFlow or Shopify
  • Some knowledge of CSS and HTML code is needed to achieve the perfect website on WordPress

Best Part: Super easy to blog on and most additional plugins are free


  • Best for E-commerce
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML and Liquid is needed
  • Amazing back-end functionality
  • Their support team is one of the best in the business
  • Most plugins are paid for
  • Plans are not too expensive for what they provide
  • Easy to set up and launch within a few hours

Best Part: The fact that you can have a website up and running in a few hours


  • My personal favourite website builder
  • Intuitive UI for both professionals and individual website designers
  • Amazing back-end functionality
  • In simple terms, it is Figma in code form
  • Has E-commerce functionality
  • Similarly priced to Shopify
  • Has some restrictions on the back end with the low tier hosting plans
  • A large community of developers

Best Part: Hands down the community becasue every one is very helping

Why you should master all of them

  • It builds up your confidence when you build which always a great way to up your prices and incentives more clients
  • You can offer more services to prospective clients
  • Depending on the clients needs, you know that you can comfortably provide what is needed
  • Promotional material becomes easier as you have a plethora of topics to cover across all of the builders
  • You will have the edge when it comes to being able to build across various platforms

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