Reimagining MAKE Studio HK's digital brand awareness with low-code

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Our aim was to create an online brand for MAKE Studios HK that would showcase them as leaders in their niche and bring a humane touch to their digital brand. Using a variety of low-code technologies, we were able to breathe life into their new Asian brand.

- Research
- Brand Aligning  
- Brand Messaging
- Content Writing
- Bi-language creation
- Website Design
- Website Development
- 3rd Party integrations
Start and Completion
06/2023 - 10/2023
Service design in Asia and Hong Kong is one of those things that everyone knows but few understand. MAKE focuses on using unique design methods and innovative approaches to solve problems for their clients.

They came to us to help them build out a new digital presence that would embody their unique ability in the Hong Kong design landscape and showcase them as leaders amongst a plethora of other design thinking agency's in Hong Kong. Brining to life their drawings and using them as a focal point amongst their new website, we were able to bring to life 2D drawings with 3D interactions.


Goal set out by MAKE 


Integrated technologies


Website iterations

Building beyond a website

We orchestrated a complete website overhaul and devised a well-rounded content copy, seamlessly integrating with MAKE's other marketing efforts
"Love this graphic and bold way of displaying what we do."
Rupert Hetherton • Former Principal Designer and Director, Asia Region

It's all about collaboration

Working hand-in-hand with MAKE Studios, we provided our expertise, took valuable feedback and iterated to create impactful decisions.
Iteration 4
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3

Connecting with content

We wrote a lasting copy, blending elements of MAKE Studios USP and their forward thinking design thinking skills for a relatable, dynamic brand presence

Figma - Design

Webflow - Development

Attributes - Development

Zapier - Integration

Jquery - Development

Hotjar - Analytics

Heap - Analytics

GA - Analytics

GSC - Analytics

+ 12 others

Technogies for scale

Building with a wide range of technolgoies for scabliity and long-lastingness, we utalised a mix of low-code and high-code technolgoies to help with design, development, tracking and data implemention to enable streamlined descision making for future changes.
Best Practices

We had such a great experience with RMD for the redesign of our website. They quickly understood what we were looking for in terms of aesthetics, site architecture, and content and delivered in the timeline that we had aligned on. They also had the same working style and vibe as us, which was a huge plus and made working with their team so much more. We're already looking forward to future collaborations with RMD!

Felicia Ho
Innovation & Strategic Designer

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