Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF)

Understanding the basics

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund encourages innovation and creativity in Hong Kong. The programme sponsors high potential digital tech start-up projects and business ideas with a HK$100,000 grant. Participants use the grant over six months to produce proof of concepts and prototypes. Each programme is designed to distribute resources among younger age groups, as well as offer support to innovators and entrepreneurs of all ages.


Open to applicants aged 18 -30 upon application deadline

Two type of application
Individual Application:

- principal applicant must be Hong Kong ID holder and all members in the project management team must be aged 18-30


Company Application:
- a registered company limited by shares and incorporated in Hong Kong (or in progress of incorporation) upon admission and all company owners and team members must be aged 18-30

Key Features

  • Receive HK$100,000 cash grant by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund over 6 months
  • Equip essential knowledge for realizing start-up dreams through a series of enrichment activities
  • Participate in a 6-month mentorship programme advised by industry professionals and startup leaders
  • Earn a fast-track admission opportunity of Cyberport Incubation Programme in a higher chance
  • Get chances to pitch the state-of-art ideas and solutions for enterprise adoption
  • Gain publicity, industry recognition and validation through various Cyberport’s activities

Projects Accepted

Any sort of MVP creation or material that helps to your overall company (staying in line with your 3 year R&D plan)

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